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My Wish List for Instructional Coaches

I love the holidays. Every. Last. Bit. Our house is decked with thousands of twinkly Christmas lights, there are decorations inside everywhere you look and our family treasures our family traditions: decorating for the Festival of Trees, putting up the beloved Advent calendar and the Christmas Nerf Gun fight with family. Right about now, I’m scouring Amazon, Etsy and my favorite sites to find the perfect gifts for family and friends. And I couldn’t help but find a few things for myself along the way. =)

So, I thought I would compile them together and present you with my wish list for instructional coaches! I’ve included the items on my own wish list and some that I plan to gift to others. Here they are, in no particular order:

Heart Talk by Cleo Wade: I LOVE this book. Honestly, I already have a copy of it, but I plan on buying another one to gift to a fellow coach. It is full of heartfelt sentiment and candor perfect for coaches to reflect on their lives....and use in their professional learning with teachers.

Drink Coffee. Read Book. Be Happy. Coffee Mug: I believe greatly in the power of tripwires: concrete reminders to move about our day with intention. This mug reminds us to keep our reading lives front and center....along with a good cup of coffee.

Ioiomarker 80 Vibrant Colors Dual Tip Markers: Now, I am a Sharpie-kind-of-girl, but these markers and snazzy case caught my attention immediately. They are the perfect tools to create my sketchtivities in my Coaching Sketchnote Book!

Seasons of Life Note Card Assortment Pack: I love technology, but I truly love the power of a heartfelt, handwritten card. I love to use them in my coaching as thank you notes, thinking of you notes and especially for celebrations. I loved the colorful designs shaped into hearts instantly.

Itty Bitty Desktop Office Tool Kit: My aunt gifted me my first tiny office and I need to replenish it. I'm choosing this one as it has everything I need to travel around in my coaching complete with a cute, yet durable, case to toss into my bag!

The Rachel Hollis Start Today Journal: This practice has changed my morning routine and the way I start my day. If this is new to you, please gift yourself 3 minutes to learn more about this life-changing practice. Then, choose a notebook and get started!

Wordy Clip Over The Page Bookmarks: This. This. This. I MUST have this. These are the most innovative bookmarks I have seen and I love the joy they pack into their colorful circles. You don't want to miss these!

Ink and Ideas by Tanny MacGregor: If you love sketchnoting like I do, then you need to get your hands on this book! It is packed with information, ideas and tips to get started!

mcSquares Stickies Dry-Erase Sticky Notes: If you love sticky notes like I love sticky notes, then this gift is for you! Dry erase sticky notes? Who knew? These will be stuck to my office walls shortly. The possibilities for coaching and teaching with these are endless!

Knock Knock It's All Good Sticky Note Packet: Since we can never have enough sticky notes, here are some that are sure to brighten your day...and your teachers' days too. It's all good!

Now, you might be thinking...where are the books? How can a book-loving-literacy-coach not have any children’s books on her wish list? Never fear. I’ve already started creating that wish list to kick-off my New Year’s Amazon Cart, so stay tuned!

What’s on your coaching wish list?

*Some of the links above are Amazon Affiliate links. 


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