About Stephanie

Dr. Stephanie Affinito holds a Masters degree, a Certificate of Advanced Study and a Ph.D. in the field of Reading. 

In addition to her advanced educational degrees, Stephanie has experience in early childhood care and education and elementary education through grade 6. She currently holds permanent New York certification as a PreK – 6 Elementary Teacher and a K – 12 Reading Specialist.
Stephanie has worked as a classroom teacher and reading specialists in local K- 5 elementary schools. She also worked as a Reading First Regional Coordinator and worked with the latest reading research to support over 24 schools as they implemented their Reading First programs.
She currently teaches as a full-time Staff Associate in the Department of Literacy Teaching and Learning at the University at Albany. She uses this knowledge and experience to create professional support structures that capitalize on the latest research on teacher growth and professional support, bridging theory and practice. 

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